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Salsiccia Toscana 300g Packs
Classica – Code 886341 Peperoncino (w chillies ) Code 886342 Finochia (w Fennel) Code 886343 Rosemarino (w Rosemary) Code 866344 Al Tartufo (w Truffles) Code 886345 You really need to taste these!



Salciccia Toscano Classica

Italian Sausages at their very best, superb taste.

Approx. 1kg pack, 10 packs per case.

Code 886300

Salame Milano 3kg e

by Trinita

Code 885538

Salami Napoli

Pure Pork, medium ground, slightly smoked.

Approx.1.7 kg

Code 773103

Salsiccia Napoli



Code 773255

Napoli Salami Ring

Salsiccia Napoli Elf A spicy salami in a ring approx. 400g Code 770743

Classico Salami Milano

Pure Pork, finely ground. 70mm dia. Approx. 1.2kg Code 773214 80mm dia. Approx. 2.3kg Code 773100

Milano Salami

Yes, another one, and possibly the best, by Casa Modena!

Approx. 1.8 kg

Code 773625

Salame Ventricina 3kg e

by Lucana

Approx 3kg

Code 882205

Salami Ventrecina

Pure Pork, coarsely ground, spicy flavour, natural casing.

Approx. 2.8 kg

Code 773275

Salame Finocchiona IGP

by Viani

Superbly Traditional

Code 886301

Salami Finochiona

Approx.2.3 kg

Code 770776

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