Continental Meats & Other Salamis

American Pastrami

Produced under licence in Germany, from the finest Brisket.

Approx. 2-3 kg

Code 0316

New York Pastrami

Serving Suggestion for Genuine New York Pastrami, produced under licence in Germany.

There is nothing finer on Rye bread – ask Kojak.

Code 0316


Coated Salamis from Hein

Apple Chip Coated Salami

Approx. 2 kg

Code 0628

Herb Coated Salami

Approx. 2 kg

Code 0632

Hungarian Salami

Csaba Hungarian Paprika Salami

Approx. 600g

Code 0680

Original Hungarian Salami

Approx. 800g

Code 0673


Hungarian Gyulai

Approx. 2.5 kg

Code 0674

Cooked Streaky Bacon 1 kg

From Grumpy Pigs

Code 0461

German Liver Sausage

Kalbesleberwurst Fine in natural skin approx. 700g Code 0708

Calves Liver Sausage in Gold casing 800g Code 0704

Liver Sausage with Truffles

Produced in Germany by Hein, wax skin


Code 0705

Oval Bierwurst

By Reinert, with mustard seeds.

Approx. 1.8 kg

Code 0711

French Style Garlic Sausage

UK Produced

1.36 kg

Code 0748

Slicing Liver Sausage 1 kg

Produced in Holland

Code 0367

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