Blacky Ham Cooked & Smoked

The quality of this product is without any doubt 100% consistent. The taste is superb and it is our best selling ham. Half pieces approx.2kg Code 0144 Whole pieces approx.4kg Code 0145

Blondy Ham

By Reinert, Cooked & Golden Smoked

Approx. 2 kg

Code 0150

Sliced Gammon Ham 200g

Superb Quality from Bloors UK

Ham the way it should be!

Code 16891

Easycarve Ham Plain (with knuckle bone)

Cooked the Olde Fashioned way. Superb quality.

Approx. 6.5kg

Code 0133


Roast Festive Ham

Proud to be British. Oven roasted easy carve

Approx. 7.5 kg

Code 0123

Blackrod Wiltshire Gammon Ham Plain

Quality Ham from Horwich

Code 0128 Half Unit

Blackrod Roasted Wiltshire Gammon Ham

Quality Ham from Horwich

Code 0129 Half Unit

Wiltshire Ham

UK produced, traditional and great taste in abundance. ½ pieces approx. 3 kg

Code 0110

Whole pieces approx. 8 kg

Code 0112

Honey Glazed Kettle Ham

Produced superbly in the UK. Half pieces

Approx. 3 kg

Code 0102

Kettle Cooked Ham

Produced with perfection in the UK. Half pieces approx. 3kg

Code 0111

Whole pieces approx. 6kg

Code 0113

Sliced Kettle Ham 200g

Superb Quality from Bloors UK

Just the way it was back in the day!

Code 16893

Gran Rosa Cooked Ham

Foil wrapped, nice quality Italian Cooked Ham

Approx.7.5 kg

Code 773616

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