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Superlative quality, tradition not forgotten.

Blacky Ham Cooked & Smoked

The quality of this product is without any doubt 100% consistent. The taste is superb and it is our best selling ham. Half pieces approx.2kg Code 0144 Whole pieces approx.4kg Code 0145

Blondy Ham

By Reinert, Cooked & Golden Smoked

Approx. 2 kg

Code 0150

Brunswick Ham

Superb consistent quality, cooked and smoked. Brunswick Ham is also available in our delicatessen fine eating sliced pre-packed range.

Award Winning Pepper Coated Salami

Premium Quality known in Germany as A1 Qualitat. Probably the finest pepper coated salami available in Europe.

Approx .2 kg

Code 0636


Parmesan cheese coated salami, premium quality, a wonderful taste combination.

Approx. 2 kg

Code 0624


Roasted onion coated salami, premium quality. Fantastic aroma, distinctive taste.

Approx.2 kg

Code 0626


Madagascar Pepper Coated Salami. Premium quality.

Approx. 2 kg

Code 0620

Black Forest Ham

Original Schwarzwalderschinken, boneless. This superb product has one of the most distinctive tastes. Approx.2.5kg Code 0803

Fuerika Salami

This premium quality salami with chili & garlic has some kick.

To order only.

Per case 3 x 1.7 kg

Code 0619


Germany’s No.1 Salami. A1 Quality Traditional Summer Sausage, in a cloth casing.

Approx. size 2 kg.

Code 0634

Caprese Hot Salami

This is sold to order only, per case 2 x 2 kg.

Code 0615

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