The Spanish Selection

Sliced Serrano Ham 80g

Quality and Value at RSP £2.00

Premium Quality from Spain

10 x 80g

Average 6 slices per pack

Code 6160

Sliced Chorizo Extra 100g

From Embutidos Caula

Code 16211

Chorizo Ring Hot & Spicy 200g

Caula Hot & Spicy Chorizo Ring

Code 16201

Chorizo Ring Mild 200g

Caula Mild Chorizo Ring

Code 16203

Chorizo Stick

From Embutidos Caula

Approx. 1.7 kg

Code 0682

Spicy Chorizo Slicing Stick

From Caula Spain

Approx. 1.7 kg

Code 0684

Serrano Ham

From Embutidos Caula, superb Serrano with the most distinctive taste. Boneless ½ pieces

Approx. 2.25 kg

Code 0815

Tapas – From Sunny Spain

TapaSnacks by Caula Spain

Case 10 x 140g

Code 16331 – Fuet, Chorizo & Cheese

Code 16333 – Serrano Ham, Cheese & Olives

Code 16335 – Salami, Pepperoni & Olives

Tapas, Serrano ham/Chorizo/Salami and Iberico cheese 80g

Deli Casa Spanish tapas – Serrano Ham/Chorizo/Salami/Iberico Cheese

‘Travel to Spain in one bite’

Case 8 x 80g

Code 16267

Tapas, Serrano Ham/Chorizo/Olives and Iberico Cheese 80g

Delicasa Spanish Tapas selection

‘Travel to Spain in one bite’

Case 8 x 80g

Code 16268

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