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Protecting Our Environment Forests For All Forever

We are proud to say that House of Westphalia Ltd has achieved a big step forward to make packaging for ‘Delicatessen Fine Eating’ and ‘Saxons’ branded products more environmental friendly.

The vast majority of packaging for our own brands complies with industry best practice standards to reduce negative impacts for our environment.

2021 saw New packaging for our Meatball Range/Chicken Bites/ Cocktail Franks and Cocktail Sausages. The new packaging uses 33% less plastic and will save a minimum of 62.7 tonnes of plastic, each year.

In 2019 we achieved a 30% reduction of plastic used for printed top films by reducing thickness from 60 micrometers to 42 micrometers. This means, for example, that the ‘Delicatessen Fine Eating’ Meatball Range of products achieved a reduction in plastic packaging of more than 6.25 tons per year.

Many of our competitors still use 500 my film for the bottom film of their packaging of similar products. A micrometer (my) is one thousandth of a millimeter. For the bottom film of our atmosphere packaging only 400 my film is used. This again means a big saving of wastage and has a positive impact to our environment.


In two years we will have reduced plastic by almost 70 tonnes per year.


Additionally all the cardboard packaging for almost all ‘Delicatessen Fine Eating’ and ‘Saxons’ branded products is FSC recycled certified.

Our boxes have the technological maximum limit of 85% recycled material – meaning that 85% of the boxes are made from recycled material already. During the next 24 months we seek to achieve the 100% figure! 

From a 170g box (as used for our Meatball Range) 144.5g is from recycled material.

This saves 225.78 tons of cardboard per year, just on our Meatballs range!

Again, this is far above current industry standards for pre-packed convenience foods.

At House of Westphalia Ltd we are a committed contributor to ensure we maintain our forests and keep them “Forests For All Forever”. In 2022 we will continue to make progress in this important area.

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